Success Stories

The ERPE is at the forefront in using academic underpinning research to tackle real-world problems. Our world-leading and internationally recognised researchers push boundaries to create innovation, producing novel products, companies and technologies that have established Edinburgh as a research hub driving societal change. You can view a snapshot of the ERPE success and highlights of our research, showcasing the breadth, depth and impact of our work below.

The ERPE is dedicated to researching solutions that respond to the climate emergency.

The ERPE is committed to the vision that Edinburgh should be the data capital of Europe. With the breadth of knowledge across the ERPE, this target is achievable.

The ERPE multi-disciplined teams have addressed the challenges of building and maintaining infrastructure systems that are resilient, sustainable and adaptable during these times of constant change.

ERPE has been at the forefront of various transport research.

Our global society is placing increasing demands on its critical infrastructure, systems that deliver vital services such as energy, transportation, telecommunications, food and water, the built environment and healthcare.

Read about two of our many state of the art facilities

Read about PROTEUS, IMPACT, 4MD, SONOPILL and more ground breaking healthcare research

Read more about the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics and the Offshore Robotics Certification of Assets (ORCA)

The future is bright, but also smaller and faster.

Signal Processing is fundamental to the capability of the Defence Technology Strategy and all modern sensor weapon systems.

Read about how our researchers are helping to shape government decisions.

ERPE research has proved to be high value and high impact in the transitioning to using cleaner, greener and renewable energy systems.