Impact Highlights

ERPE researchers have used their knowledge and expertise to collaborate with companies and public sectors resulting in a range of significant impacts across a variety of sectors.

ERPE researchers based at the University of Edinburgh invented and developed a wireless system that transmits data via LED lighting, using light fidelity technology (LiFi).

ERPE research by the University of Edinburgh staff led to the development of hydraulic digital displacement technology, which optimises fuel savings and operational capabilities.

ERPE researchers at the University of Edinburgh developed new complex fluid dynamic engineering software (solvers). This has led to extensive impacts across different sectors.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh supported this next-generation low-carbon technology in partnership with Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd (Artemis), now formally part of the Danfoss group.

The ERPE spin-out has developed a process to extract the protein left from the thousands of tons of grain used each year by the brewing industries in the form of spent grain and the distilleries in the form of pot ale and spent wash.

ERPE researcher’s Jin Ooi, Jin Sun and John Paul Morrissey have developed world-leading research in new disruptive particle analysis methods and technologies for powders, granules and pastes.

ERPE researchers have modelled an innovative, intelligent technology that helps block the ingress of water and gas into the well in the extraction process, which can be responsible for a low extraction output.

Electricity and network operators are mandated to prepare the electricity distribution and supply network for the integration of low carbon technologies from a rapid rollout of electric vehicles to embedded renewable generation.

As a result of ERPE collaboration and engineering design input a new 3D printed COVID-19 testing swab is now being manufactured.

The trend of artisan and craft beer is currently exploding due to a new generation of consumers where sustainability and health are as vital to the customer as the taste.