Reducing Waste and Improving Efficiency in Existing Oil Fields

There is currently a 32% extraction rate of the available reserves in existing oil fields. Governments worldwide are looking for ways to optimise current wells, making them more sustainable to prevent opening new sites. In response to this demand, ERPE researchers modelled an innovative, intelligent technology that helps block the ingress of water and gas into the well in the extraction process, which can be responsible for a low extraction output.

Our researchers have collaborated with the industry to combat this major challenge in oil production. The consortium with Norweigian limited company InflowControl AS has enabled the team to produce Autonomous Inflow Control Valve technology (AICV®) to improve oil production efficiency and reduce operational costs. Water ingress and co-produced waste are reduced by up to 89% with consequent positive environmental impact. AICV technology is now mass-manufactured in multi-country supply chains, including the UK, and installed worldwide in over 100 petroleum industry wells. The development of this advanced technology has affected practice across the international industry sector.

This research was led by Professor David Davies and Professor Khafiz Muradov.

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