School researchers receive RAEng Industrial Fellowships

Dr Stefanos Papanicolopulos and Dr Mathieu Lucquiaud from our School have each been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Industrial Fellowship. They are among 19 mid-career researchers around the country whose research has been recognised in this way.

The RAEng’s Industrial Fellowship programme is designed to strengthen links between universities and industry through the development of new collaborative partnerships with strong industrial relevance.

  • Dr Stefanos Aldo Papanicolopulos will work with DEM Solutions Ltd on ‘Discrete-element modelling of elongated cylindrical particles’. Dr Papanicolopulos' collaboration with DEM Solutions will develop new capabilities for EDEM, their software for computer simulation of bulk materials (materials composed of many individual particles or grains). This research aims specifically at the accurate and computationally efficient simulation of bulk materials made of elongated particles or fibres. This is of great benefit to the optimisation of various industrial processes, such as the handling of biomass within the energy, agricultural and food industries.
  • Dr Mathieu Lucquiaud will work with C-Capture Ltd on ‘Innovation in technologies for carbon dioxide capture’. The collaboration aims to demonstrate a new concept for large-scale deployment and cost reduction of carbon dioxide absorbers, the largest component of the carbon dioxide capture process. Dr Lucquiaud also aims to increase the flexibility of capture to complement variable renewable energy in low-carbon energy systems.

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