School academic joins search for water on Mars

The School’s Dr Antonis Giannopoulos is part of an international team of scientists that have secured support from the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) to advance the search for water on Mars.

Each year the ISSI, which is based in Bern, Switzerland, makes a call for international academic teams to work on important scientific projects. The team’s proposal to use orbiting ground penetrating radars to help detect subglacial water on the planet, was accepted by the ISSI due to its ‘high scientific value’.

Dr Giannopoulos will contribute his expertise in numerical modelling of Ground Penetrating Radar to the team, increasing the visibility for the School’s work in the international scientific community as a result.

The team of which Dr Giannopoulos is part will now be invited to two week-long meetings hosted by the ISSI; one in Bern and the other in Beijing, which will catalyse the production of scientific output including reports for publication in scientific journals.

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