Read the latest engineering research news from the Edinburgh Research Partnership in Engineering

Edinburgh engineers will play important roles in two of the recently announced £20m Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) Hubs. The Hubs are part of 12 funded by UK Research and Innovation to address intractable challenges in sustainable development.

The School’s Dr Sotirios Tsaftaris has been awarded the Canon Medical and Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellowship in Healthcare AI, to further his work in using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and predict serious health conditions including cardiovascular disease.

The School’s Regius Professor of Engineering Jason Meredith Reese, who died suddenly at the early age of 51 on Friday 8 March, was an internationally renowned engineering scientist, respected academic and a valued mentor to many.

A team from the School of Engineering has claimed sixth prize of £5,000 in the Winton Climate Prediction Market competition, which saw academic teams attempt to predict monthly UK temperature and rainfall over six months from April to September 2018.

Our Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Wind and Marine Energy Systems, which is co-led by the University of Strathclyde and Edinburgh, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Scottish Green Energy Awards 2018 (SGEA18).

The extraordinary flying ability of dandelion seeds is possible thanks to a form of flight that has not been seen before in nature, research has revealed.

The discovery confirms the common plant among the natural world’s best fliers.

Hancong Wu, a PhD student in the Institue for Digital Communiations, has won the prize for Best Student Poster Award in the 4th Conference on Impedance-Based Cellular Assays (IBCA2018). The conference covered all the aspects of impedance based-cellular assays from applications to technology development with a dedicated session on regenerative medicine.

Krisna Pawitan, a PhD student in the Institute for Energy Systems, has received the Best Student Presentation Award at the 4th Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference in Taiwan in September.

Francesc Levrero-Florencio has been announced as a winner of the best thesis award in In silico medicine by the Virtual Physiological Human institute (VPHi), based in Belgium. The award includes a cash prize of 1000 euros and the opportunity to deliver VPHi Keynote webinar to disseminate the results of his research to the community at large.

Dr Mark McAllister, a former PhD and Undergraduate student of the School of Engineering, has won the 16th ERCOFTAC Osborne Reynolds Oral Presentation Competition.

The University of Edinburgh is one of four Universities within a Scottish and Northern Ireland consortium that has successfully attained a £4 million grant to improve information superiority for the Ministry of Defence.

Ultra-fast vibrations can be used to heat tiny amounts of liquid, experts have found, in a discovery that could have a range of engineering applications.